Grandma returned home temporarily this weekend and we stayed with her. She was very fine. Still walking slowly but no problem.
I helped her rehabilitation. To be honest, I wanted to walk myself. I think I can be a service dog.
I met a new friend, Coco. She was very shy.


Lorenza said...

Hi, Matilda!
Glad to know your Grandma is doing better!
That picture of you with her is pawesome!
Meeting new friends is great!
Kisses and hugs

kishiko said...

Thank you, Lorenza!
I had a good time with Grandma. I was relieved,too.
Coco, a new friend, looked scared of me. wags wags

Alli and Frankie said...

That's great news, Matilda! You look nice in your little stroller. I'm happy your grandma is getting better!

Mandy said...

Oh Matilda, you are such a good puppy. I know that you just being there will help your grandma a lot. I recently moved back to Spokane, Washington because I am going to take care of my grandpa. Brandon stayed in NYC so he can finish school. Tell Kishiko to email me and I will send her my new address. I love you and am glad you have your grandma back at home so you can visit her.

kishiko said...

Thank you, Alli!
I like the stroller. It was fun with my grandma. I will visit her this weekend too. Have a nice weekend too!

kishiko said...

Hi Mandy!
How have you been?
I will visit my grandma this weekend too and help her for rehabilitation! You are also a good granddaughter. I hope you have a wonderful life in Spokane. Kishi and I took a look at the Web. It looked like a nice place like Sapporo! Have a nice weekend!
Love you!

Andra said...

We are glad you grandma is doing better. It is neat that you can go walk with her.
-Luke & Liesel

kishiko said...

Luke and Liesel!
I was a good helper for her :>
I saw your vacation photos. Those were great! wags wags