Snow Light

We went to Otaru to see the Snow-Light festival. They light up the streets with snow candles and about 400 snow candles are floating on the canal. Isnt it beautiful? But very cold.



I went to Shibakichi Cafe again. I met Shibakichi. He is staff here. But dont you think he looks like a regular patron? We like this place, really nice and cozy.


Tamago chan

These are my favorite toys, Tamago chan. It is the master of toys in the dogs world. It is soft and produces the sweet sound slightly. So the yellow one is the most precious for me. I wont bite it off.


My Cushion #2

See, it is my new place. so comfortable. I fell asleep on it.

My Cushion

I think that this is my cushion. It feels soft and nice. Mino and Kishi always try to use it. No, its mine! I dont share it with anyone. I will bite them!


Valentines Day

If you would be loved, love and be lovable. Happy Valentines Day!



So now I am in Kishis house. Here is always warm like tropical, not good for the environment. I am unconsciously putting my tongue out here.

Oh and they have round Japanese wish dolls called daruma. I made a wish on daruma. :>



Grandpa took me for a walk today. Nobody in the park. We were a little lonely... Never mind.

His birthday is Feb.12th. and my birthday is Feb.13th. We had a birthday party together. He gave me a cake for dogs. I had it in one bite. so yummy!


Snow Festival

The Sapporo Snow Festival started today. I am Matilda, I will introduce here.

#1. This big snow sculpture is the Great Pyramid of Giza. Good job!
#2. They are the mascots of the soccer team, Consadole, and the baseball team, Fighters. The both teams won the league championship last year. good! good!

#3. Here is a medium sized snow sculptures featuring a snow slide and animals. Have fun, Kids!



Today is the day of the bean throwing festival, the end of winter and the first day of spring, shouting "Demons out! Good luck in!". But they are just throwing peanuts into their stomach. Give me a little!

Wan Nyan Park

I came to the cafe at Wan Nyan Park again. The waitresses are as pretty as me and very nice to me. Mino seems to like this place. No, no, no, this is not a Maid Cafe. Here is a Dog Cafe. I play with other dogs here. I like here too.



She brought back a souvenir from Tokyo. Is that a real banana? Never mind. Can I have a bite? Please!!!