Yeah, I need cute clothes to warm me. So they bought me new clothes. How do I look? like a high school girl? #giggling...

Then we went for a drive. I like riding in a car and watching outside.



Actually, my hair was shaved off :<
Can you believe? We went to the grooming parlor. Kishi asked them to cut my hair short. The clerk said "Are you sure?". She answered Sure! It is too much! I noticed that Minos eyes were watery when he saw my face.


Work Out

I go for a walk twice a day with Mino. It is a good work out for us. We will lose weight! But after walking, meal is so delicious!



I love chewing this. It smells like a candy. chewing, chewing...That is why my teeth are so clean and strong. I can destroy anything with my teeth. :p Actually, Ive already destroyed most of my toys. I think I need new one.


Wii Fit

This was my Christmas gift, Wii Fit! Yay!
Hmm, not mine? It is mine! I will do Yoga with this.


Christmas Shopping

While Kishi was shopping, I was in the cafe,Dog Garden Cafe, with Mino. I have been a good girl this year. What can I get for Christmas?


Snow Nose

Whoa, a lot of snow! Is there something good in the snow? Oh, my nose is freezing.


Candy House

She is stingy about heating. You know, I like warm and cozy places. But she always turns down the heating during the daytime. I'm freezing. So..., this is my new house! Mmm, it might be warm.


Icing Cookies

I feel something sweet on my head. Oh, they were making cookies! It's so pretty! Christmas is coming soon! I hope you are having wonderful holidays!


Doggy Wine

We need Kidney Beans for Chili, look like Kintoki Mame. But we put a lot of suger in Kintoki. Chili is not sweet. Doesn't it look delicious? Buuuut, I ate science diet. Oh, look at the green bottle. It is a doggy wine! It contains vitamin C, oligosaccharide and non-alcohol, tastes like isotonic drink. To be honest, I prefer just water. Do you belive? They were drinking my wine.


Christmas tree

What is this? Christmas tree? No way! Christmas trees are not blue. Maybe my new toy! Maybe something to chew on. Whoa, that tickles!


Matsuzo Potato

Welcome home, Mino Mino! He was out of town on business. I was missing him. He always brings back something good from Tokyo. Here they are, today's sweets are Matsuzo Potato! yummy!


So Tired?

They went snowboarding, and I was staying at home. boooo. But they got home in 4 hours! They must have been tired at their age... After that we went for a walk. It was soooo cold. I was OK, but they looked tired.


Body Weight

I went to the doctor to check up on my skin and get new shampoo. and measured my weight! It was 6.1 kilogram! not fat! Don't call me Chubby Doggy any more!
This is a record of my weight.
Sep. 30th: 5.8 kg
Oct. 27th: 6.3 kg
Dec. 1st: 6.1 kg
The doctor said that it was fine, but 5.5kg might be better... a little bit chubby. :p

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