In a Suitcase

Why are you packing your suitcase? Where are you going? You have to take me there. I wont move here. Grrr...



This is my park for daily morning walking, "Shinkotoni Green Park". It was getting pink then now very pink! How pretty!


In my Yard

It has been warm and pleasant recently. I go down the yard to pee and poo, then I come inside soon during the winter, but now I like staying and sniffing spring smell. Does it mix my pee smell?? Oh, never mind. These tulips are blooming soon!


I am still in the countryside. I found a lot of horsetails. I feel spring by them, but it is a kind of weed, easy to spread all around. I think I can help them to weed.


Uncles House

We visited to Uncle and Aunt. It was in a quiet and peaceful countryside.
Birds are singing,
A dog is sniffing,
People are taking a nap.
What a beautiful spring day!



The snow melts and spring comes, I am happy! But I might have gained weight a bit during the winter. Oh I need work out. Run!



Yes, did you call me? I am afraid I am busy at this moment. I am talking to him about the global environment and the lives of canines around the world.


Big Matilda

Im a bit embarrassed by this big picture. The renovated pet shop, JOYFUL AK, became bigger and they have a dog cafe, a dog run and a photo studio. So I had my portrait taken last month. It was a small one. Then they made posters with my picture and displayed it. We visited them today and they gave me a copy. Well... it is too big and embarrassing for me.


Pink Bathrobe

This is my new bathrobe. After the shampoo I wiggle a lot and splash water everywhere, so wearing a bathrobe is good. Do I look sexy?



Come on, brush my teeth too! Is that yummy? Give me a little. lick! lick!


Looker inside the Fridge

What do you have in the fridge? something yummy? wag wag!


Yellow TAMAGO chan

Ooh, I ended up chewing up my favorite TAMAGO-chan. I just felt like chewing on something but it wont make a sound anymore... Can you give me a new one. I will be a good girl.


Get you own

How many times did I tell you? This is my cushion! Give me back! grrr...