Preparation for the coming Spring

What are you doing in my garden? Oh, already gardening? Is there anything I can help you?


Jaga Pokkuru

Yay, I got Jaga Pokkuru! It was sold at the souvenir shop in Kiroro. The snack became popular by word of mouth, and difficult to get one. I wonder why it became so popular. The limited sale is so effective? Some people say it is very crunchy and delicious. Anyway a little bit too salty for me, so I will give it to my aunt.



It had been warm recently but it started snowing again. Kishi and Mino went snowboarding today. They seem to like snow. I was snowboarding, I mean, playing in my snowy yard, but Im looking forward to spring coming around.


Restaurant Wan

Look at these desserts! Dont you think it looks like my face? This restaurant is really close to my house. It takes about 5 minutes on foot. The owner used to work at a restaurant in a big hotel, so you can enjoy good French Cuisine here. Not expensive. Reasonable and really friendly. I had healthy dog pancakes. Would you like to come with me?


Rainy Days and Mondays

I always go somewhere for a walk and play a lot on weekends. It is really fun. Then, on Monday I feel tired and cant wait for weekends.
"Hanging around, Nothing to do but sleep, Rainy Days and Mondays always get me down."


Flavored Tea

We went to the mall in Chitose. There is a nice tea shop. Kishi bought some tea leaves, Sakura Green Tea and Cookie Flavored Tea. These smell really nice. Cookie Tea smells very yummy like cookies! :p But I cannot drink any tea, so I enjoyed having water in the cafe.


Looking for Spring

where is it? is it here? Here it is!


Doggys, be ambitious

Yesterday I went for a walk to Hokkaido University,too. There was still some snow, but the sidewalks were dry and easy to walk. Spring is coming soon! Doggys,be ambitious!


Wan Nyan Park again

There were a lot of dogs in Wan Nyan Park today. Hana-chan has a shapely figure. She looked really nice in that Gothic Lolita costume. Tough-kun was a handsome guy, but he smells my ass a lot. He seemed to have a crush on me.


Wii Fit

Should I play Wii Fit, too? I would love to see my BMI. I havent taken a walk recently, so I need excise. And I must be good at Hula-Hoop. Next time it is my turn!



Dont get angry at me. I know I made a mistake. But I cant help doing that. Please dont put a box of Kleenex on the floor.


All by myself

Kishi went to Tokyo on business yesterday. It was one day trip. And Mino also went to Tokyo on business and he got home today. Why are they so busy? I always spend alone at home. I dont like that! If they hadnt gotten home, I would have been dead. I am angry! Grrrr...
Oh, he brought Nenrinya Baumkuchen from Tokyo. Give me a bite!


Playing alone

I went to Wan Nyan Park after Nakajima park. Nobody there, so I played alone. I saw sheep was getting trimmed. Isnt it a sheep?



It was a warm and sunny day today. Snow was melting, not good for snowboarding but good for cross-country skiing. I enjoyed it in Nakajima Park, I mean, enjoyed walking. Aw my feet got wet a lot with slushy snow.


My Favorite Toy

This might look like a rag , but I still cherish it. Dont throw away!


Skin Condition

Look carefully. not so bad, slightly hairy. By the way, my tail got thick. See?
Oh no, dont look at my butt so much!



SUBWAY opened near Sapporo Station today. That is great! Kishi doesnt like onion and I cannot eat it either. So you can ask them "No Onion". She gave me a little turkey! It was super yummy! I ate it for the first time!


On the Cushion

He is working, I am sleeping.


Give me back

Noooo! Why is he moving my house!? This is mine! Give me back! Grrrrrrrr


Hina Matsuri

The "Hina-matsuri" or Doll Festival is a traditional event on March 3rd to celebrate the growth of young girls.We display small "Hina" dolls and have special sweets. We celebrated today for me with grandpa and grandma.


Free Kleenex

Kishi caught a cold. Her nose is running and became red. She has been blowing her nose so much with a cheap kleenex, I mean, free kleenex with ads. I think she should buy a good one for her nose. Oh, dont worry, I am fine, just feel sleepy.