Well Read Girl

How do you spend your holiday? I am reading a book. I like this book, "Matilda". She loves reading.
"Within a week, Matilda had finished Great Expectations which in that edition contained 411 pages."


Christmas Gifts

I gave a Christmas gift to my grandmas and grandpas. Those are scarfs.

Then these are for me!
Have a wonderful Christmas!!!


Thank You!

Has Santa Claus come yet?

Thor and Mini gave me this!

And Mini gave me these!

I would like to pass these to all of my friends.I am so happy that I have a lot of doggy friends (and 2 cats) all over the world. How wonderful!


Cow Fight

New year 2009 is the year of the Ox and Cow. Is this for new year card picture? But I am neither Cow nor Ox! Grrr...


Let it Snow

Then we have a lot of snow now! I like snow but it is so cold. Am I freezing? brrrr

I received a new year card from Mini. I liked it and licked it.

This is from Mona. She is a beautiful wire haired dachshund like me :>


Sapporo White Illumination

This is a big event here in Sapporo telling us the coming of beautiful snow season. I think we need more snow. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!