Cherry Blossom Viewing

There are a lot of nice places for cherry blossom viewing in Minami ward, Sapporo .
We love SAKURA, cherry blossoms.

Edwin Dun Memorial Museum.

Old Kuroiwa Residence.

Jozankei Onsen, hot spring.

Koganeyu Sakura no Mori Park.

Makomanai Park.

Salmon Museum.


2016 New Years Day

I hope everyone had a wonderful new year holiday.
We visited a shine to pray for our health and good luck.
We do this every new year's day.


Autumn Leaves

Lots of leaves are falling...
Snow is coming soon...

Walk with the Sunrise

We came to a nice hot spring resort,
so shall we wake up early and go for a walk with the sunrise!

Good morning, Moko!


Autumn Walk

It is getting cold.
Winter is just around the corner.


Summer Holiday in 2015

Playing with a kid,


Visiting Ainu, indigenous people, village,

Eating rhubarb ice cream,

Staying at a dog friendly hotel,

And going around Eastern Hokkaido, Japan.

Have a great summer vacation, everyone !


Golden Week Holidays

Golden week is a holiday week in Japan which starts from the end of April.
There are 4 national holidays in this term,
but we had consecutive holidays.
We enjoyed excursions nearby and seeing lots of flowers.

And my tulips are also pretty now.


Sapporo Snow Festival

This year's Snow Festival.
The biggest one is this snow "Star Wars".

The Manila Cathedral.

Kasuga Grand Shrine: Inner Gate.

Sazae san Family, one of the most popular Japanese animations,which has started broadcasting since 1969!

This is a new character, Hatsune Miku.

Please come see this festival some day!