Chubby Silhouette

Am I chubby? I do not think so.
It is a perfect silhouette of the wire haired dachshund.


DAIKON in My Garden

My Japanese radishes grew well this year!
OK, I will have a bite first!



Mmm, this red chicken foot looks delicious :P

Wow, I wanna mess up these red leaves!


Nakajima Park

It was a beautiful fall day today. We went for a walk to Nakajima Park. Hmm... it feels very much like fall.


Big Friends

I think I am a bit shy so I feel nervous around them... woof woof... Please, be nice to me.


Small Autumn

We found small Autumn in my park. Is it a little red maple? too small!?
Anyway, Autumn is a good season for jogging! Oh, I just feel like running. Run away!

TO: pretty Mango,
Thank you for the awards! I love your blog, too!



I love these pretty pink flowers, "Colchicums". We sometimes call them "Autumn Crocus". They have only green leaves in Spring and Summer, and then in fall they bloom without any leaves. We have a lot of these flowers now, in my garden and here in my grandmas garden, too. They make me happy!


Science Diet

Isnt this bag bigger than usual one? Let me check... Wow, these are big grains. Hmm... the smell is ok.



It is getting cold here in Sapporo. But we did a BBQ in my backyard. It was a nice fall day. It might be better than summer BBQ.

Thank you again, Luke and Liesel

Thank you again, Luke and Liesel! I have so many awards. I cannot choose 7 other blogs. I would like to pass these to all my friends!