Getting Better

I visited my grandma today. Dogs can't enter the hospital. But her nurse and the security guy said OK to meet us in the yard. How nice! The nurses petted me a lot!
Grandma was getting better and better. When she came to the hospital, she could not move her right arm and leg. But now she can move her arms and hands perfectly. She still has to use the wheelchair but she will walk soon.
I don't know why but I became hyper and felt like running suddenly!



I thought Japan was lucky, but it was a really good game! I wanna watch softball at the next Olympic Games again. Why is it dropped from the London Olympics?
Oh, I am in good shape now. No vomit, Good poop!


After the good things

I had been throwing up since Thursday, eat and throw up, then eat and throw up... My vet said that it was a gastritis. I must have been tired and maybe ate indigestible food (people food!?)
At the same day, on Thursday, Grandma fainted and was rushed to the hospital. She has been staying at the hospital since then.
We both spent a good time at Lake Toya on summer vacation. But now it is a difficult time for us ?
I took a lot of rest and feel fine now. I visited my grandma today. I could not enter the hospital but I saw her waving to me from the window. She is getting better soon too!


Pawlimpics in Sapporo

100 meter sprints



My good friends are in Beijing now. And I have a lot of friends in Beijing. I hope that the olympic games will be safely and successfully end.


Summer vacation: Day 8

Kishi and her friend, Yuk were wearing Yukata. I like my pink Yukata, but theirs were also beautiful. Yuk brought "Tokyo Banana cookies" to us. I liked these banana flavored cookies, but she gave me dog cookies... hmmm...

Our summer vacation is finished today. I had really good days.
Happy summer holidays, everyone!


Summer vacation: Day 6 and Day 7

I came to "Toyako Onsen" with my grandma and grandpa.The G8 was held in July of this year here. Lake Toya was calm and beautiful!

We stayed at a dog-friendly hotel. I was chatting with Grandpa.

This is a hot spring for dogs. But I did not want to be a hotdog.

The dinner was delicious, I mean, looked delicious. I had my own science diet.

After the dinner, we went to the Bon Odori.Bon Odori is a traditional dance to honor the departed spirits of our ancestors.


Summer vacation: Day 5

I was digging potatoes in my garden. I thought it was time to dig them up.
Look! Quite good!
The tomatoes are still green...
Then we ate my potatoes. These were so yummy, a little sweet!


Summer vacation: Day 4

Today was a beautiful day! We went to Niseko. Niseko is one of the most famous ski resort in Japan. You can also enjoy here in summer.

First I rode a ropeway gondola.

This is Mount Yotei, we call it Hokkaido Mount Fuji.

I licked the Mountain!

Cheerful and bright sunflowers! They are turning their faces toward the sun!

We stopped by the beach in OTARU on our way home.


Summer vacation: Day 3

It was a hot day today with temperatures reaching 30 degrees Celsius. It is 86 degrees Fahrenheit. Wasn't it hot? Here in Sapporo city, it was very hot for us. People were sitting around the fountain and taking a break in Odori Park.
We had lunch at "Bad Ass Coffee" near the park. I like the atmosphere of the cafe!


Summer vacation: Day 2

We went to ECORIN MURA in Eniwa city. We had heard that they had beautiful gardens and a dog run. Unfortunately it was raining a little. Anyway I played with a boy there. He is a Norfolk Terrier. His face looked kind of like mine.

Then we got a COSTCO card! Mino and Kishi bought a lot of things. But dogs are not allowed to enter there. booo...


Summer vacation: Day 1

Yay! We have a week of vacation! Take me out somewhere fun!
Oh, the local shopping area near our house has a summer festival today.
Oh, they are selling cotton candies, hotdogs, and Yakitori!!!
Everything looks yummy!

Why? I really wanted to have Yakitori! I didn't want to wear Yukata!
Booo..... Don't make me mad!