Porch in Winter

My porch is covered with a lot of snow. I cant go down any more. so I pee and poo here.
# Kishi is going to Tokyo on business this week. She seems to be upset.


Snow Makes Me Sleepy

It has been snowing hard all day. So we havent gone for a walk. Mino is shoveling snow. I am sleepy.


Intensity 2 Earthquake

We had an earthquake early this morning. I barked "Earthquaaaake!!!". Mino called me from upstairs "Matilda! Are you OK!!!" then came down and hugged me. Kishi was zzzzz... I know he will always help me.



I always drink water in this way. Is that funny? like a hamster? I think it should be upper.



I came to SHIBAKICHI Cafe! The beef curry is so yummy. Oh I havent eaten it yet. Anyway it was busy here. I saw some poodles, chihuahuas, shibas and a bull. The bull was roaring a lot. Be nice to everyone!



We are not fighting. just practicing sumo wrestling. But women and dogs are not allowed to step onto the sumo ring. Is it the tradition or a discrimination?


Mame chan

What a blizzard today, and super windy! I cant go for a walk. Mino and Kishi seemed to give up going snowboarding. So we came to the indoor dogrun. I met Mame-chan. She seems like me, following me all the time. She is 8 months old. a still baby!



This place is safe. So I like taking a nap here. By the way, do dogs fart? No way! Mino did, not me.


Lucky Bag #2

Oh, I forgot! This my favorite bowl was also in the lucky bag. It is cute, isnt it? but a little bit small for me.


Lucky Bag

By the way, this is a lucky bag for dogs! got it on New Years day! I ve already had the cushion. maybe I wont wear the shoes. I like the toys very much. and, a lot of snacks :P


Joyful AK

I went to the doctor. still feel itchy. He says it might be hormone imbalance. I will check my adrenal hormone next time. By the way my weight was 6.45kg. hmm...
After that, we went shopping. Here in Joyful AK, a lot of dogs are shopping.


Wii Fit

What are you doing, Tsu? Just standing on the board. Oh Kishi is doing push-ups. I will too!


Heavy Snow

We had a beautiful new years day. But it is snowing hard today. We shoveled snow for a hour.


Happy New Year

I visited to a shrine with grandma. The fortune said that I will have excellent luck. I wish everyone will have excellent luck this new year!