Can I eat these pumpkins? hmm... hard to chew.
They look good for Halloween decorations.

Thank you, Lorenza and Mango

Thank you for the award, Lorenza and Mango! I am really happy!
I would like to pass this to all my friends!


Wanna attend the Wedding

Mino and Kishi went to MURORAN to attend her cousin's wedding ceremony and reception. I wanted to attend but had to stay at home... :(
So my grandma, another grandma, came. We worked in the garden together. We had a good time anyway.
Oh Kishi sent me a photo of the bride.

Thank you, Lorenza, Luke and Liesel

"We all like blogs. Their objectives are to show the wonders and to make friendships; there are people who are not interested when we give an award, and in this way contribute to cut those bows; we want that they are cut or they propagate? Then we will try to pay more attention to them! We must give it to other bloggers that must do the same and put this text".
Ohhh... I cannot choose 7 other blogs.
So I will award Lorenza and Luke and Lieselagain! I love your blogs,too.
And mandy , frankie , sonny , daniela , and new friend, mango.
wags wags!



He is Bob, a pet shop clerk in "Ecorin Village".
Look at his paws! Those are big and soft! And he is very calm and friendly. He might be my type...


Hello Moo

I went to a cow farm near my grandma house. This is a fake cow, but I met real calfs, too. They were so cute that I could not help barking at them. I did not want to scare them, just said "Mooo..."


Respect for Senior Citizens Day

Today is Respect for the Aged Day. This is a gift for my grandma. I chose this :)
It is really nice and cozy for me. So I do not want to get off here.....


Where am I ?

Here! I feel safe and relax.


Organic Vegetables

Grandma returned home from the hospital.
She was already in her garden when I visited her. So I helped her a little.
These vegetables are grown by her. So tasty! The tomatoes are sweet and the green papers have a real green taste!
But I found some small green worms... Did I eat them? Ew!
She says that it means organic vegetables..... Hmm...



Grandma returned home temporarily this weekend and we stayed with her. She was very fine. Still walking slowly but no problem.
I helped her rehabilitation. To be honest, I wanted to walk myself. I think I can be a service dog.
I met a new friend, Coco. She was very shy.