Happy Holidays!

May your holidays be happy days filled with love.


Meeting at Indoor Dog Park

Guess what!

I will bite.



A package just came! I wonder what it could be?

Wow, lots of treats for people.

And a Card. Hm hum... What is for me?
Here it is!
Peter Pan!
Thank you, Moria and Wes!


Jeans Shop

Hi there!

I wanted to show you this photo.

There is a jeans shop near my house and I like their display.
Don't you think it is funny?
Oh, is dinner ready? Oh, I cannot wait...


Long Time No See

How have you been? I am fine as usual!
My bathroom, I mean, my backyard is already covered with snow.
Anyway, let's go to the Christmas market!
She is my human friend, Yasuko.



It is very cold, almost winter. we have already had our first snow.
But today I enjoyed autumn leaves. How beautiful!


Happy Halloween

OK, I am ready! Let's go to Restaurant Wan for Halloween dinner!

These are for people...

Yay! These are for dogs!

Hello, Marron! You are so tiny.


In the Parks

I went to 2 parks this weekend.
This is Toyohira Park. What a nice park!

This is Heiwa Koen.Oh, who is it?

A sea gull? Where are you from?


National Sports Day

I had my hair cut. My body feels lighter.

Let's go for a walk!

Oh, the leaves began to turn red.
Is it Sports Day today? OK, I will do push ups here.


Restaurant WAN

I brought Setsu-Chan to my favorite restaurant nearby my house. I love bringing my friends here. The staff is friendly, the food is delicious and they have DOG TREATS!
Oh, these are for human.

They have a lot of Halloween costumes here, and we can borrow some.
We will come here again for Halloween.


Already Fall

Yay! Beach!
Hmm... nobody is here. Is it too late for the beach?
OK, we should go to the Autumn Food Fair!
Curry and Udon!
Hmm... nobody gave me anything.


Be kind To Animals Week Event

We came to the pet festival. Veterinary Medical Association holds the event.
I got a hair accessory. Isn't it cute?
Then, free checkup.
- Heart Rate: 108 beats per min. (Very Good!)
- Temperature: 39.2 C=102.5 F (Good!)
- Body Fat: 40 % (Hmmm...)
- Weight: 6.54 kg=14.4 lb (Hmmm...)
I also got my nails clipped.

Yay!! I met Utan and Marco! I am a big fan of them! Aren't we similar?
After that we stopped by Odori Park. It was a good day for a walk.


Pine Cones

Today's walk is in Hokkaido University.

What are these?
Pine cones? Are they edible or just toys?