Happy Holiday

Hi! Long time no see!
How have you been?
We have had a lot of snow recently.

Is santa claus coming to your town?
My santa is sniffing in the snow now.

May the Christmas season fill your home with joy,
your heart with love and your life with laughter!


Shanghai, China

My spokesperson was out of town last week.
She went to Shanghai to visit her friend.
I will show you some pictures.


At Hokkaido University

According to the weather forecast, it is going to snow this week.
Today might be the last chance seeing the beautiful colored leaves this year.

Can you see me?


Restaurant Wan

How was your halloween?
We had a great dinner.

I would like to introduce my favorite restaurant near my house today.
It takes about 5 minutes on foot, I mean, 10 minutes on my foot.

The chef used to work at a French restaurant in a big hotel.
He is a dog lover. So he opened the dog friendly restaurant here 7 years ago.
People were eating these...

And this is my dinner :p


Fall is Here

Fall sure is here.

The leaves are turning yellow and red.
They are beautiful!

I found these pictures children drew.

Autumn is the best season for art.

I am going to a Halloween Party.
Happy Halloween!



It is a beautiful fall day today!
Mino is playing a ball game with his colleagues.
So I am cheering for them with PERO on my stroller.

Does PERO look nervous with me?


Sapporo Autumn Fest

Hi! I am in a buggy today.

We came to Odori Park.
Sapporo Autumn Festival is held here.
That showcases the richness of food production around Hokkaido.

Kishi was having a glass of wine.
Is it good?


still in NISEKO

Let's go up to the mountain by gondola lift!

What a beautiful scenery!

But a bit scary...

OK, let's walk up to the mountain!

Phew, take a rest here.



We came to NISEKO today.
Here is a ski resort, but it is a nice place also in summer.
The weather is getting milder and more comfortable.

I feel great!
Feels so good to lie on grass!



Hey Raccoon, it is sunny today.

But it had been raining a lot lately.

So the harvest of this year is poor...

How about the taste?

Hmmm... it was not bad.