You Lucky Duck

What cute ducklings! I wanted to play with them, but they are scared of me. I would never eat them...


Balance Beam

I am good at balance beam! I can run on it. Mino is really proud of me. So he makes me do it many times! Give me a nice treat!


My lupinuses are stretching up toward the sky. They increase year after year. They are very vigorous!



We made cornbread for the first time.
The Recipe says "Preheat oven to 400 degrees"!? No way, my oven doesn't have such a high temperature!? Oh, it was Fahrenheit, it is about 210 Celsius, right?
Hmm... something different from Moria's one... Anyway, it was delicious!
# Thank you, Mandy!



I went to the dog playspace at JoyFul AK again, but no dogs there. So I played with a little boy. He was telling me something a lot.


White Beard

Do I have something on my face? Oh, I found an empty yogurt carton, so I've just cleaned it up :P



Look at this flower arrangement! My favorite friends stopped by my garden and picked up some flowers, branches and leaves. Then arranged them in the vase. Isn't it amazing?
I'm not eating them, just sniffing.


Take me to the Park

We were supposed to go for a walk to the big park. But Mino is out of town, and he doesn't get back! Is he so busy? It is sad... Oh well, I will take a walk nearby with lazy Kishi.


Sense of Balance

I am doing this because I am bored.
Anyway don't you think I have a good sense of balance.


Yosakoi Soran

I went to Yosakoi Soran Festival. It is one of the biggest festivals in Sapporo. A lot of dance teams were performing. it was wonderful and very crowded, so I saw the performance in the bagpack.



I like these pretty flowers very much. We call them MIYAKO WASURE in Japanese. I don't know the English name. Aster? Gymnaster? Miyamayomena? Anyway, these lovely petite flowers look fragile but they are strong, long lasting and grow anywhere. The meaning of the name is that they make you forget the big city. Interesting, huh?


Rainy Days and Fridays

It is raining again... Nothing to do but play at home.
By the way, isn't it too closeup ?


Early Summer Weather

Finally we had a nice weather. It is early summer weather! Lets go for a walk!


Zombie Movie

There is a strange KARATE man! He has creepy things! I will bark at him with ears spread!
Ruff Ruff... Bow Wow!
Oh, are they filming here?