Company Recreation

I participated in a softball tournament today.
The game was ok, but I was very busy to play with kids and doggies.

This is Jack. He is big and nice!
This is PERO. She is cute but very shy!


My Summer Holiday #2

We came to NISEKO!


Talking to big doggies,

And lunch ( for people...)


My Summer Holiday

I went to my grandmas house, and helped do some yard work for her.

I did a lot of work today!

Oh, a sparrow came into the house!
Grandma caught her with a fish net,then released her.
After that, we visited a Buddhist temple to pay respects to our (my!?) ancestors.


Sapporo Beer Garden

Finally, hot summer has come! We are in the beer garden.
Are they drinking beer at lunch time?

Hmmm, the sausages look yummy...