Happy Halloween

OK, I am ready! Let's go to Restaurant Wan for Halloween dinner!

These are for people...

Yay! These are for dogs!

Hello, Marron! You are so tiny.


In the Parks

I went to 2 parks this weekend.
This is Toyohira Park. What a nice park!

This is Heiwa Koen.Oh, who is it?

A sea gull? Where are you from?


National Sports Day

I had my hair cut. My body feels lighter.

Let's go for a walk!

Oh, the leaves began to turn red.
Is it Sports Day today? OK, I will do push ups here.


Restaurant WAN

I brought Setsu-Chan to my favorite restaurant nearby my house. I love bringing my friends here. The staff is friendly, the food is delicious and they have DOG TREATS!
Oh, these are for human.

They have a lot of Halloween costumes here, and we can borrow some.
We will come here again for Halloween.