Cute Visitor

A cute visitor came home today.
I attacked him, I mean, just wanted to play with him...
then I apologized to him.

so he gave me a kiss.


Lots of Snow

It is a bit hard to do the business in Winter...


Autumn Walks

It was a beautiful autumn day.
I enjoyed walking in a park.

I bumped into a cute girl!




The season for autumn leaves has started.
I came to this beautiful park,TAKINO Park.
I saw the waterfall and lots of pretty flowers
and interesting red bushes here.


Jogging Day

I came here, my favorite MAEDA Forest Park, again!
It was a perfect day for jogging!


Sports Day

Today is a national holiday, Sports Day, in Japan.
I put on a baseball uniform,
then went to a dogpark.

I met a lot of friends here, but I am a bit shy...
It seems that just watching beside grandma is better for me...


Animal Protection Festival

I came to the animal protection festival
hosting Sapporo Animal Veterinary Association
and a lot of students were doing volunteer work.

They are wating for taking the exam to be a therapy dog.
I had a checkup.
I am nervous...
I have 40% body fat!?
She is a therapy dog.
She looks so proud of herself.

Kishi bought this Tshirts from a charity store.

printed "Your help can save their Lives."



I like gardening,

I mean, I like digging and lying on the ground...

This radish looks like my legs...



These are also pictures of the last weekend's Otaru trip.
It was a hot day...
I met some friends there.
They had a local festival,
carrying a portable shrine along a street.


TENGU Mountain

Riding in a cable car, we came to Mt. TENGU in Otaru.

Actually I do not like riding this,
but the scenery is so beautiful here!

And...this is TENGU, a supernatural creature in Japanese folklore.
They are one of the monsters.

It is said that they used to live in this mountain.

then, people are having lunch here with an ocean view.