Hot Water Bag

What is it? I know she bought it at Pet Shop TenTen. But not mine? It seems to be for her futon to keep warm in cold nights. But I want one! This is for doggys!
# Haaappy Birrrrrthday, Mandy!!


Secret Cakes

Kishi's favorite the Fruitscake Factory's cakes! Strawberry Tartlet and Pear Tartlet. She gave me a little, because it was her secret birthday! yummy yummy!
What else? nothing special. We were spending our time calmly as usual.


Christmas Market

I went to German Christmas Market in Odori. There were a lot of fancy shops. Kishi was drinking something like hot wine. But not for me. boooo.
After that we went to the nice shop in Maruyama, 7st. Beach Cafe! Dogs can enter there. They have a nice cafe and snowboarding gears. Goooood job!I saw well-mannered dogs. I am also well-mannered :p


Dog Pullover

Do I look like a surfer? It's good for playing on the snow, water-shedding and stretch fabric, and really light! It will be fun to take a walk. It is the same one as Luis-kun and Crea-chan.


Powder Snow

Wow! What a nice powder snow! looks delicious :p
I know, walking on the snow is hard, but good exercise!
# Why does Kishi have to work on a holiday, especially on Labor Day? boooooo



I like taking a nap with Mino. The outside is cold. I feel like lying around doing nothing with him. Should we be concerned about metabolic syndrome?


Who am I waiting for?

I am always waiting for you like this. waiting, waiting, waiting... I think I can wait forever.


Freezing morning

It was freeeezing this morning! I didn't want to take a walk. But Mino forced me to go out. What a jerk! I ran away and went back to my warm bed. Kishi and Mino were yelling at me something. So I pooped on the tatami mat! Not my fault! They don't understand my feeling...I am so sad. :'


Peeing on the snow

It is getting cold. Should I pee inside?

I feel someone watching me...Maybe the man next door. He is always smoking outside.



Snoooooow! Yay! I like snow! Take me snowboarding! I think I will be good at it! You know? There is a snowboarding dog in TEINE!


Apatetic Coloration

Our garden was prepared for winter, but I found tiny flowers.

# It snowed today! wag! wag!


Minutes of Regular Meeting #1

Place: Nishi Park

Date/Time: 11th Nov,16:00-16:30

Attendees: Mr.Mimige, Ms.Smiley, Ms.Shibako, Matilda

Minutes by: Matilda

Topic: About Kameda 3 bros.

3 bros who live on the way to Green Park always bark at us.We need to talk to them.


Moerenuma Park

This park was designed by sculptor Isamu Noguchi. It' s a nice park! I heard his museum is in New York. I'd like to go someday...

Anyway it was cold today. Brrrr... Snow is coming soon.


Home Cooking

Grandpa made dinner for me with rice, fish, tomato and broccoli. I like it! But his dinner looked more yummy.
By the way, did I put on a bit of weight?



Chin-san gave me the photo of Niseko trip. Thank you,Chin-san! We went hiking and Mino carried me piggyback. It was fun! Someone asked me "Is this real?". Of course! If he carried a stuffed dog, it would be a kind of horror! :-


honohono blog

Bow, I found the shy boy's blog! He has a wire-haired family! Super cute! I envy them. They mention seeing me a little. http://honohono.a-thera.jp/


Ginkgo Trees

Look! Wonderful yellow trees! I came to Hokkaido University. There were a lot of beautiful trees. Kishi seemed to feel nostalgic.



Wow, You speak Chinese, Japanese and English! Say something in Doggy language!