Hey Raccoon, it is sunny today.

But it had been raining a lot lately.

So the harvest of this year is poor...

How about the taste?

Hmmm... it was not bad.



I came to Otaru today.
Here is a port town northwest of Sapporo, my city,
and there are several historical buildings here.
Shall we take a walk?

There are a lot of sushi restaurants here.
It looks yummy.

Is this a beauty pageant?
Can I enter it?


Summer Holiday

I came to the hot springs resort of Lake Toya.

I stayed here with Grandpa and Grandmas.

This is Bon Odori, a traditional Japanese folk dance.
Basically what it means is to welcome the spirits of the dead.
Do you see ghosts?


Lavender Potpourri

I have lots of lavender in my garden,
so I am making potpourri!