Peony and Azalea

Peonies and azaleas are very beautiful in my garden now. But it is windy and cold today. The petals are falling. Brr...


Holes in a Sock

Do you suspect that I chewed holes in it. um I have no idea... All I can say is I told you not to leave your socks on the floor.


Open Source YAKISOBA

Mino often goes to Tokyo on business. Whenever he is out of town, I skip a walk. Kishi does not wake up early for me. booo....
Todays his souvenirs are these. I am interested in only PIERRE Roll Cake :p


Fickle Weather

This weekend was warm and sunny but it was very cold today. The weather has been changeable recently. But whatever the weather, I am waiting for someone here.


Playground at Joyful AK

I am really shy among other dogs. I dont mind just watching them. Leave me alone... Oh, a dachshund came and introduced me to her friends. Well... What should I do? Be brave...


Little Miss Sunshine

We saw this movie tonight. I think that it was a strange story. Something sad, poor, silly, funny and happy. The chubby girl was cute. I like her. Kishi was crying with laughing. That is weird...


Dont touch her

After the canola field, we went to KODOMO NO SHIRO park. I met a lot of dogs taking a walk. A tubby corgi came to us, so I wanted to say hi to him, but he ignored me. But Kishi petted him, then he kissed her. booooo... She is my mom!


Yellow Flowers

Look at these yellow flowers! Canola flowers are in full bloom. Hmm... the smell is like canola oil for tenpura :p

I am happy that we have many kind of flowers in Hokkaido now.



Whew, I am relaxed at home now without aggressive dogs. I can play myself... I am getting sleepy. zzz... Oh, did I snore?



Wow I am so popular. bububububut, I prefer people. Help me!



It was a good day for gardening. He is in charge of mowing the lawn, she is in charge of planting vegetables and I am mainly in charge of weeding and digging.

# Happy Mothers Day and Happiness always!



Oh no! They always try to steal my toy. I have to protect it even in my sleep.



I am so happy they brought me gifts and I really liked them. I cant help chewing the new toy. Because I love it!


Holiday in the Countryside

I had a good time with Grandma and Grandpa. They have a big vegetable garden. I played there. You know, in the countryside, they dont lock doors. I often visited the neighborhood myself and enter the livingroom to say hello, but the dog next door barks at me. I know Grandma and Grandpa doesnt want to leave me. I will come again soon.