These are also pictures of the last weekend's Otaru trip.
It was a hot day...
I met some friends there.
They had a local festival,
carrying a portable shrine along a street.


TENGU Mountain

Riding in a cable car, we came to Mt. TENGU in Otaru.

Actually I do not like riding this,
but the scenery is so beautiful here!

And...this is TENGU, a supernatural creature in Japanese folklore.
They are one of the monsters.

It is said that they used to live in this mountain.

then, people are having lunch here with an ocean view.


Summer Vacation

I came to a hot spring resort,"Kojohama Onsen", with grandmas and grandpa.
Here is a dog friendly hotel.

MOCO is a mascot of this hotel.
She is so friendly and welcomed us. :)

Grandpa, can I take a bath with you?

People are having seafood dinner... not for me...