My uncle sent us some fruits from Niigata. I know these persimmons are very sweet. It is making my mouth water :p

I am sorry for this late notice.I have gotten this award from Mona and the Mommy! She is also a wire haired Dachshund. I love her blog. Thanks!


Snowy Yard

Whoa, my potty place is so snowy! Where should I do?
Oh, excuse me...



Thank you, Mini and Ruby!

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The 8 random things meme!Here are the Tag Rules:1. Each player starts with eight random fact/habits about themselves.2. People who are tagged need to write their own blog about their eight things and post these rules.3. A the end of your blogpost, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their name.4. Do not forget to leave them a comment telling them they are tagged and to read your blog.
1. Mino calls me "Ma chi ru da" in Japanese pronunciation.
2. I have a lot of toys, but I chewed holes in all of them.
3. I often used to happy pee when I was excited. I still do sometimes.
4. I snore in my sleep.
5. I might fart.
6. I bark at dogs on TV.
7. I cannot help fighting with Kleenex.
8. I am happy and I love you!
Sorry, I could not choose next 8 doggies.


Lopping off

Did I bite the leg of the table? Oh no! Please, do not scold me. You did not play with me so I was bored...



Daikon Pickles,
Daikon Leaves Miso Soup,
and Rice.



I am going to my grandmas house to help her gardening.

I dug a big hole to preserve Japanese radishes. Those are supposed to be in the snow.
Then, we hung these out to dry. Grandma is making pickles.


Thank you so much, Ruby and Mini.
I cannot choose other blogs. I would like to pass it to all my friends!


Halloween Party

We had a Halloween Party at Restaurant Wan. I love this restaurant. It is a casual French restaurant with friendly atmosphere. And it is very close to my house, takes about 5 minutes on foot.
He is a chef and a waitress dog, Shain!

Now, who is the best dresser?

#1. Gon has thick eyebrows.

#2. Pretty Cherry.

#3. Mask Man Maguro kun and my rear end.
#4. Angel Yuki chan

#5. Cool Ramon kun
#6. Bee bee Shiba kun

#7. Little Baby Fran.

#8. Shiba 3 Bros.
#9. Moo moo Matilda.