It was a nice spring day, so I went on a picnic with Grandma.

These are plum trees.

Pretty flower buds!



The cherry blossoms have bloomed!

It is still a bit cold but are they in full bloom?

We love these flowers!
Now, here is my garden.
Daffodils are pretty now.


Happy Children's Day

These are more gorgeous "carp streamer", "KOINOBORI", to celebrate Children's Day in Japan.

They seem to be having fun swimming.

So... Are cherry blossoms blooming?
Hmmm... not yet.


Childrens Day

May 5th is Childrens Day in Japan. Families with boys celebrate this day by displaying KOINOBORI (carp streamers) outside.
But grandma displays KOINOBORI inside like this...
And they are not food...
Oh, we eat these sweets, BEKO MOCHI and KASHIWA MOCHI, for the celebration of Childrens Day.

Have some with tea!