Wow, that looks super yummy.... Can I have some? Please!

I mean, PEACH. not NET. Don't make fun of me.



I had my stitches out, but my vet found a rash around my waistline, and he put ointment on it. So I had to have a bandage again to prevent from licking it off. But finally it's come off! Let's go for a walk! Hurry up!



Didn't you say that the bandages would come off today. I am a little upset... I wanna play outside a lot!


Smiley Bandage

I took off the E-collar but my neck is wrapped with smileys, I mean, plaster bandage. But my mood is :(
I am supposed to take it off and remove my stitches tomorrow. Then I wanna go for a walk!


Elizabethan Collar

I am fine!! But as you know, I often scratch and lick my itchy bottom. After the operation, I have to keep clean the stitch marks. So I am wearning this collar. It is a little bit annoying. I do not feel itchy but I am just sleepy ...zzz
Mino and Kishi have 3 days weekends and we are just staying at home and relaxing. It is good for us.


I have News

I am staying at the hospital tonight for sterilization procedure. We do not have a rule about it for pets in Japan. So Kishi and Mino were hesitant. But finally they decided. Is it a good decision? Oh, I am really nervous. Wish me luck!


Wash my Toys

Did you wash my toys? Why? Aren't they broken? Still have a good smell?


Dog Run in Rera

I went to Rera on Sunday and played in the dog run. I met some doggies. The little dog was scampering around! I just wanted to say "calm down!".

And the dachshunds kept sticking close all the while.



Yay! I got the iPhone! I can write my blog with this at any time and place. Hmm... It does not work with my paw... Oh? It is not mine?


Stop to Smell the Roses

I walked a lot so I am a little tired. Uh...I wanna take a nap here. It is like a bed of roses.


Virtual Camping

Are you camping in my yard? wag wag!!
Oh, just pitching a tent? I wanna go camping this summer!
I know Mino likes buying camping gear and using them in the yard. But we have never been camping!


G8 Summit

A G8 summit will be held in Hokkaido, Japan from tomorrow. The place is in Lake Toya, it takes about 3 hours from here Sapporo. I saw a large number of policemen standing guard, and police dogs, too! I think I can stand guard with them here, too!


in FURANO #3

How did you like my flower pictures? I know. I took too much pictures.
Oh, I'm thirsty :p


in FURANO #2

Yellow Poppies.
Red Poppies.
Red Poppies and us.
Small white flowers.

To be continued.


in FURANO #1

Yay, they took a day off and took me to a flower garden in FURANO. They brought Grandma and Aunt,too. They were chatting, chatting and chatting...so noisy, but actually I love them.
There were many kinds of flowers. I will post some pictures of the beautiful flowers later!



Can you smell the lavender flowers in my garden? The scent of lavender is said to have a calming effect on people. And makes me sleepy... zzz