What is Hamburg?

I like her cornbread. Yummy! They might give me Chili something next time:p So I will give them my favorite chicken!!


League Title


Hokkaido Nippon Ham Fighters won the Pacific League Championship!They will win the play off and the Nippon Series again! Wish them luck!


Grandpas and Grandmas

I visited grandpa and grandma with grandpa and grandma. I mean, I met 2 grandpas and 2 grandmas! Grandpa took me to the autumn festival around the shrine. It seems like he likes me very much.


Brisk Fall Day

This is a sheep and horse farm. Nice to meet you, Country family! Hello Dragonfly!


They say KAWAII!

Mino often takes me to parks such as Odori Park, Nakajima Park,Maruyama Park... He says that recently young girls have spoken to him often. HEE! HEE! -)
Ooooh, he might misunderstand. Girls are interested in me, not him! I am cute, not him!



This is my digging box! a little bit small for me.



I gave her a kiss! and you!
SMAK :-*


Porch 2

When will you come? I am always waiting for you here!


Well-Behaved Doggy

I visited Pon today. She was well-behaved and very mature. Should I be apprenticed to Pon?
# It's secret that I stole her food.


Learn Japanese

I went on a picnic with Chin-san and Ryu-san from China.They are so nice and friendly.They learn Japanese here. Their Japanese is much better than mine.

Salmon's Life

I saw a lot of salmon swimming in the river.They were coming back to the river where they were born from the ocean to spawn, then die. How sad... But I wanted to catch them like a bear.


Big Dipper

It was raining today. I was playing at home all day long. so tired!



This is my porch which my grandpa made for me.I go out and come home through this. You can come over!


Bye Bye Ear Mites

Look! Don't you think my bald spot is gone?
The color of this part is a little bit different, but not bald. sometimes still feel itchy around under the tail, but not so bad.
# Bye bye Prime minister Abe!


Sweets Festival in Odori Park

She didnt give me any sweets %-(
But Mino gave me a little secretly :p
I will propose the doggy sweets festival!



Rugby World Cup 2007 started!
I will be a good player! but I dont know the rule...


I am OK

I am in pretty good shape!
So... Play with me a lot!!!



Whooooops +o(
I threw up this morning!
After a daily walk,
I ate science diet.
Then when I watched TV with Mino,
threw up science diet!
But I think I am fine.
I ate dinner well.
Am I OK?


Ladies Meeting

I joined the ladies talking.
But I was too young to understand their mature topic.



Grandpa likes talking about old times.
To tell the truth it is not so interesting,
but I listened to his story seriously.
I am a good girl!