I thought Japan was lucky, but it was a really good game! I wanna watch softball at the next Olympic Games again. Why is it dropped from the London Olympics?
Oh, I am in good shape now. No vomit, Good poop!


Lorenza said...

Hi, Matilda!
Mexico has 2 medals now!
Glad you are feeling better!
Kisses and hugs

kishiko said...

Thank you,Lorenza!
I will cheer for Mexico and Japan the rest of the games! kisses

Alli and Frankie said...

Matilda - I heard they are going to petition to have the softball in London! I hope it works!

Glad you are feeling well. Hope your grandma is feeling better, too!

kishiko said...

Hi alli,
I hope so, too. Their games were great! I visited to my grandma. She was fine, too! Thank you!