Wan Nyan Park

I came to the cafe at Wan Nyan Park again. The waitresses are as pretty as me and very nice to me. Mino seems to like this place. No, no, no, this is not a Maid Cafe. Here is a Dog Cafe. I play with other dogs here. I like here too.


Mandy said...

You just look so cute. I think that cafe looks like a very fun place for puppies. We sure miss having a puppy, but we just can't have one in our apartment - maybe one of these days. We would have to move, though, because I want to be able to take my puppy for walks, and living in an apartment where puppies aren't allowed would make going for walks very difficult. When is Kishiko coming to visit? This Spring? We miss you sweet Matilda!!!! Love you!!!!

kishiko said...

Mandy! Oh I miss you too! Love your cats and play with them a lot! I heard you live in a nice apartment. She will visit you soon. Love you too!