So Tired?

They went snowboarding, and I was staying at home. boooo. But they got home in 4 hours! They must have been tired at their age... After that we went for a walk. It was soooo cold. I was OK, but they looked tired.


Mandy said...

Your new coat looks like a life preserver, but also looks very warm and cute. It snowed today in New York. It was very exciting, but only snowed a little. I miss you a lot - we wish we could get another dog, but we know no one could ever replace you. We are enjoying all the pictures! We love you and Kishiko and Minoru. Give them a kiss for us.

kishiko said...

A life preserver!? Oh maybe, just in case! Is it cold in NY too? You need a life preserver like mine. Even if you have another dog,dont forget me! I will never forget you, Mandy! bowwow! bowwow!