I am going to my grandmas house to help her gardening.

I dug a big hole to preserve Japanese radishes. Those are supposed to be in the snow.
Then, we hung these out to dry. Grandma is making pickles.


Thank you so much, Ruby and Mini.
I cannot choose other blogs. I would like to pass it to all my friends!


Ruby said...

Hi Matilda
You have been a busy girl. That's a lot of radishes. Do you have sore paws from digging such a large hole?

Love Ruby

Sen, Tama and Tom said...

HI Matilda! We didn't realise daikon had to be buried like that!

Have a nice weekend. It's raining here...

Sen-Chan, Tom-kum and Tama-Chan

Lorenza said...

Hi, Matilda!
Sure you grandma is happy having you as a helper!
Good job!
Congratulations on your award!
Kisses and hugs

Andra said...

Your grandma is so lucky to have you around!! You are such a goood helper for her!!
-Luke and Liesel


Hi Matilda,

I didn't know you could n=make pickels out of daikon radishs. The Mommy said she has never had that before. It sounds interesting. Nigel wasn't one of the doggies that came to Woof! Stock and I sure did want to see him.

There was lots of different dachshunds there.

The Mommy os gonna do my flower post soon. Are you gonna sent one to us. I sure hope so because I want to show a picture of you on my bloggie.


Alli said...

Matilda, You are such a good gardener!!!!

CLU said...

Mommy loves daikon pickles, not so keen on the fresh. P-) She learns alot from your blog. Funny, learning from a dog. Wags, Sonny.

Matilda said...

Hi Ruby!
Yeah, it was so hard work that I had sore paws, but I had a good time!
wags wags

Hi Sen-chan,Tama-chan and Tom-kun!
That makes Daikon more tasty! licks licks

Hi Lorenza!
Thank you! I like helping Grandma! wags wags

Hi Luke and Liesel!
Yes, she is lucky having my help! hugs hugs

Hi Mona!
I saw your pictures! It looked like a wonderful event!! I will try to take a picture of Japanese flowers and send you it.
hugs hugs

Hi Alli!
Thank you! I hope so!
wags wags

Hi Sonny!
Oh you mom likes TSUKEMONO, right? I am happy to hear that you learn alot from my blog :)