Sapporo Snow Festival

This year's Snow Festival.
The biggest one is this snow "Star Wars".

The Manila Cathedral.

Kasuga Grand Shrine: Inner Gate.

Sazae san Family, one of the most popular Japanese animations,which has started broadcasting since 1969!

This is a new character, Hatsune Miku.

Please come see this festival some day!


Happy New Year

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday.
I had a good time with my family,
having a new years feast,

paying a visit to a shrine.


Happy Holiday!

Hi there,
We had a Christmas dinner at a nearby dog friendly restaurant.
This is dessert for humans

This is for dogs.

And Otoshidama, pocket money of New Year for children, but these are treats.

Have a Happy New Year!


Fall Foliage

Morning walk in the Hokkaido University campus.
Yellow ginkgo trees and red maples are so beautiful.

Sports Day

Autumn is the season for sports, so I tried this agility.



I am babysitting the baby and
he is dogsitting..


My Summer Vacation

Had a TAIYAKI, Japanese fish-shaped cakes, BBQ with friends.

Walked in a park and I met a strange man there.
Went to a small rail station.
Then, visited a lily's hill.
We love the beautiful place but it was a hot day.


Grandma's garden

I like gardening.

Then having some bite.

The yellow flowers make me happy :)

Have a happy summer !