I am babysitting the baby and
he is dogsitting..


My Summer Vacation

Had a TAIYAKI, Japanese fish-shaped cakes, BBQ with friends.

Walked in a park and I met a strange man there.
Went to a small rail station.
Then, visited a lily's hill.
We love the beautiful place but it was a hot day.


Grandma's garden

I like gardening.

Then having some bite.

The yellow flowers make me happy :)

Have a happy summer !


Tulip Park

We came to TAKINO Park, situated in a quiet forest about a hour drive from our house.
Lots of tulips are in full bloom now!



Hi there,
Long time no see!
I hope everyone has wonderful spring days!

We enjoyed seeing a lot of cherry blossoms.
A cherry blossom flower is regarded as a symbol of the beginning of a new life in Japan.
We love the fresh and vibrant flowers. :)


Sapporo Snow Festival

Hi there!
How have you been?
We have tons of snow here in Sapporo this winter as usual.
so we are enjoying the snow like this!


Happy New Year

Finally we had lots of snow here.

It is hard for walking with my short legs...

Don't you think these trees are pretty for winter?
Have a Happy New Year, everyone!


Sapporo White Illumination

I would like to share the White Illumination in our town,Sapporo.
I think we need more snow for white Christmas.
Happy Holiday!
Kisses, Matilda