My uncle sent us some fruits from Niigata. I know these persimmons are very sweet. It is making my mouth water :p

I am sorry for this late notice.I have gotten this award from Mona and the Mommy! She is also a wire haired Dachshund. I love her blog. Thanks!


Raising Addie said...

Yummers! I hope you get to try some!

Congratulations on your award!

Sen, Tama and Tom said...

Beautiful kaki, Matilda-Chan!

Congratulations on the award!

Your Pals,
Sen-Chan, Tom and Tama-Chan

Lorenza said...

Hi, Matilda!
What are persimmons??
The outside looks like tomatoes but sure they don't taste like that.
Congratulations on your award!
Kisses and hugs

Ruby said...

Hi Matilda
Congratulations on your award.
Persimmons look interesting. I've never had one.
See you soon.
Love Ruby

Mini said...

Congratulations on the award!

Frankie said...

Hi, Matilda! Those look yummy! Guess what? I finally got my own blog!

Andra said...

MMMMM! That looks tasty!!

Mango the Maltese kiddo said...

I have 2 persimmon trees in my back yard, this year they gave hundreds of fruit.

Matilda said...

Hi Addie!
Yeah, I ate a little. It was sweet! :p
wags wags

Hi Sen chan, Tama chan and Tom kun!
Yeah, I think so. My uncle has nice Kaki trees.
wags wags

Hi Lorenza!
These are sweet fruits with a soft texture. We always have them at this time of the year.

Hi Ruby!
We call them "KAKI" in Japanese. You can get them at any grocery stores here in Japan.
wags wags

Hi Mini!
I am happy you liked my card! and I love your card too.
wags wags

Hi Frankie! Welcome!
I will visit your blog sometimes.
wags wags

Hi Luke and Liesel!
Yeah it was yummy! I wish I could share some with you.

Hi Mango!
Oh you have the trees!? How wonderful!
licks licks

Thor said...

Hey Matilda!
We have that fruit in Brasil! We called it CAQUI. Yummy!
Congrats on your award!

Love and licks

Matilda said...

Hi Thor!
You also have that fruit in Brasil! We call it KAKI in Japanese.
wags wags