Halloween Party

We had a Halloween Party at Restaurant Wan. I love this restaurant. It is a casual French restaurant with friendly atmosphere. And it is very close to my house, takes about 5 minutes on foot.
He is a chef and a waitress dog, Shain!

Now, who is the best dresser?

#1. Gon has thick eyebrows.

#2. Pretty Cherry.

#3. Mask Man Maguro kun and my rear end.
#4. Angel Yuki chan

#5. Cool Ramon kun
#6. Bee bee Shiba kun

#7. Little Baby Fran.

#8. Shiba 3 Bros.
#9. Moo moo Matilda.


Sen, Tama and Tom said...

No contest! YOU WIN. Matilda!!!

The restaurant is REALLY called "Wan"?

Your Pals,
Sen-Chan, Tom-Kun and Tama-Chan

Ruby said...

Hi Matilda
I love your costume. I was a cow to. Happy Halloween.

Love Ruby

Andra said...

OMD!! That looks like a fun party!! Everybody had costumes!! We hate ours and tried to take them off. Your's is really cute!!
-Luke and Liesel


Hi Matilda,

It looks like you went to a super halloweene party. Mona went on date last night with Snowy and they are out again today. I have always been partical to cows and we have a cemermic black and white cow collection in our kitchen. I have to saw that you are much cuter than any cow we have.

Mona did an update about her date this morning before she left so come on over and say hello. I'm loney without my lott;e girl.

Love the Mommy, Sarah.

Alli said...

As usual, Matilda, you are the cutest dog around!!!!!

Lorenza said...

Hi, Matilda!
Sounds like you all had a great party!
Everyone had great costumes but I like yours better! Cute cow!
Kisses and hugs

Thor said...

That halloween pawty sounds like a lot of fun! You look so cute in your costume! You are the best!

Love and licks

Mango the Maltese kiddo said...

My mom shared your Hal-love-ween post to her coworkers, all of them ooohs and ahhhs and giggling nonstop.
All of those doggies were cute, the costumes were lovely creative.
Mooooo to you, Matilda!

mini said...

I left you a award on my blog. Go get it.

Matilda said...

Hi Sen chan,Tama chan and Tom kun!
Yes, it is. "Restaurant Wan" nice place! wags wags

Hi Ruby!
I know I stole your idea! Sorry, but you were cuter! kisses

Hi Luke and Liesel!
Thank you! I liked your costumes. wags wags

Hi Mona and Mommy!
"a cemermic black and white cow collection"?? Sounds nice!
I saw your beautiful pictures of the date. I love those!
big hugs

Hi Alli!
Thank you! I love your boy and girl and Frankies costumes too!

Hi Lorenza!
Thank you! Some of them were wearing their moms handmade dresses. You also have a lot of nice handmade dresses, right? I love those! wags wags

Hi Thor!
Thank you.Yes,we had a fun time!
licks licks

Hi Mango!
Ohhh I am really happy to hear that you and your friends enjoyed our pictures. :)
wags wags

Hi Mini!
Thank you so much for the award. I will get it! wags wags


Hi Matilda,

Droh just got a rally cute wirehair they named Nigel. The Mommy said he might be a Woof! Stock today. He looks just like you. I can't wait to meet him.

Maybe I'll get the Mom to post his picture on my blog if he is there today.


CLU said...

I think you take the costume prize, M! I like cows. Woof.