Summer vacation: Day 2

We went to ECORIN MURA in Eniwa city. We had heard that they had beautiful gardens and a dog run. Unfortunately it was raining a little. Anyway I played with a boy there. He is a Norfolk Terrier. His face looked kind of like mine.

Then we got a COSTCO card! Mino and Kishi bought a lot of things. But dogs are not allowed to enter there. booo...


Lorenza said...

Hi, Matilda!
Yes, he looks like you but you are waaaaaaay more beautiful!
Too bad you were not able to go into that store. Just like here... no dogs allowed at any store!
I hope they got nice things for you!
Kisses and hugs

Mandy said...

Oh, Matilda, that is too bad for you. I hope they got you a treat. In NYC dogs are allowed almost everywhere, but not in Washington...I don't think. Maybe they are. I miss you and am glad you are having a wonderful vacation. Tell Kishiko and Minoru not to over buy at Costco - it is easy to do!

Alli said...

Wow, Matlida! You have been busy while we have been moving! Glad your surgery went well and that you are free of all bandages! Have a wonderful vacation!

CLU said...

La Vache Qui Ri and bagels! Yummy. I love people food. I don't get to go into stores with my humans either. :( Except Petland. And I don't like that.

Matilda said...

Hi Lorenza!
Thank you, you are beautiful too!
Yeah, I hope a lot of places will allow dogs inside.
Wags and licks

Hi Mandy!
I heard there were a lot of dog friendly places in NYC. I wish I could come. They seemed to enjoy shopping there. OK, I will warn them. Love you!

Hi Alli!
How is your new life? Everything alright? I am alright after the surgery, thank you! Hugs you!

Hi Sonny!
I love people food, too! But they hesitate to feed people food. So stare and stare and stare... right?