Summer vacation: Day 1

Yay! We have a week of vacation! Take me out somewhere fun!
Oh, the local shopping area near our house has a summer festival today.
Oh, they are selling cotton candies, hotdogs, and Yakitori!!!
Everything looks yummy!

Why? I really wanted to have Yakitori! I didn't want to wear Yukata!
Booo..... Don't make me mad!


Lorenza said...

Hi, Matilda!
That place sounds fun!
Yakitori is made of chicken??
Yukata is the name of your beautiful dress?
I will be waiting for more posts about your summer vacation!
Kisses and hugs

Matilda said...

Hi Lorenza!
Yes, Yakitori is grilled chicken on a bamboo skewer.
Yukata is Japanese summer kimono.
People wear Yukata at summer events and eat Yakitori!
Come to Japan someday, Lorenza!

CLU said...

Hi, Matilda. You are very beautiful in your yukata - Don't pout! I'm waiting for my human sister to arrive from Japan any day now! I am so excited that she will home with me for awhile. She will wear her yukata when she is here! It's green, not pink, but she is still beautiful in it as well. Sonny

Matilda said...

Hi Sonny!
You are excited, aren't you! Green yukata must be beautiful. My mom has a blue one. I like that, too. I wanna see you wearing yukata. You know? Boys also wear yukata.
Have a nice holiday with your sister!