Yellow TAMAGO chan

Ooh, I ended up chewing up my favorite TAMAGO-chan. I just felt like chewing on something but it wont make a sound anymore... Can you give me a new one. I will be a good girl.


Alli said...

Oh, no! Not the yellow one! I hope you get a new one soon!

Mandy said...

You silly girl! It is your habit, though to chew holes in your toys. I remember when you were living with us we always had to take away your plush toys when you chewed a hole in them so you wouldn't eat the stuffing. It is different with your plastic toys, because you usually don't swallow the plastic. I hope that is still true. We love you and are counting the days for Kishiko and Minoru's visit!

I am Matilda said...

Hi Alli,
Yeah.. I ask them to get a new one,but they say NO. so I will still play with old toys.

I am Matilda said...

Dont worry Mandy,I m smart enough to know whether these are edible, and they always check my poops, always good poops!
They are counting the days too! I have a gift for you! Love you!