Big Matilda

Im a bit embarrassed by this big picture. The renovated pet shop, JOYFUL AK, became bigger and they have a dog cafe, a dog run and a photo studio. So I had my portrait taken last month. It was a small one. Then they made posters with my picture and displayed it. We visited them today and they gave me a copy. Well... it is too big and embarrassing for me.


Andra said...

You are a STAR!!!

Alli and Frankie said...

Wow - you are famous! Now you need to sign it!

Mandy said...

Oh Matilda, that is a gigantic picture of you! It is a good thing you are so incredibly beautiful!!! I wish I had a nice picture like that of you - maybe not quite so large, but a nice small picture for my desk. We love you and I can tell Kishiko and Minoru love you even more!!!

kishiko said...

Hi Luke, Liesel and Frakie!
Yeah, I might be a star dog in my neighborhood! But nobody hasnt asked me for an autograph yet.
How about you guys?

kishiko said...

Hi Mandy, actually the portrait was for you. The big one was free.
They will bring my photo, not this big one. I wish I could go together. I love them and I love you very much!