Wow I am so popular. bububububut, I prefer people. Help me!


CLU said...

Poor Matilda. I would have bit them! But then, I have issues. Sonny

Mandy said...

Oh Matilda - Be brave! It is good to meet knew friends and humans are always nearby to protect you! I bet that was a fun day. We love you and are thinking of you always.

Alli said...

Wow - they really, really like you!

Andra said...

What kind of perfume did you wear that day? Everybody wanted to smell it!!

Matilda said...

Oh Sonny,
Calm down. I am OK. We will be good friends, wont we?

Hi Mandy,
I know they are friendly, but sometimes they try to fight then I give up soon. I need your help!

Hi Alli,
I know they wanted to be my friend.
I will next time.

Hi Luke and Liesel,
I have a special perfume :p