Playground at Joyful AK

I am really shy among other dogs. I dont mind just watching them. Leave me alone... Oh, a dachshund came and introduced me to her friends. Well... What should I do? Be brave...


CLU said...

Matilda, you ARE brave to go play with other dogs like that! They scare me too much. Sonny

Mandy said...

Yes, be brave cute girl. It is good to meet new friends and I know you are very popular!

Alli said...

Matilda! You are making all sorts of nice friends! That place looks really neat - it looks huge, too! Frankie would LOVE to play somewhere like that! She prefers people, too. :)

Matilda said...

Oh Sonny,
Dachshunds are friendly dogs. We will be good friends!

Hi Mandy!
Yes,I am a brave girl and curious about everything! Thank you, Mandy!

Hi alli!
Frankie has a good friend,Rose. Come to Japan with your family to play with me!