Wii Fit

What are you doing, Tsu? Just standing on the board. Oh Kishi is doing push-ups. I will too!


Mandy said...

Tell me how the Wii Fit works. What do you have to do? What kinds of activities do you do on it? It is not available in the U.S. yet. I sure wish it was. You look like you've been working out hard. Kishiko is sure strong doing all those push-ups. I can't do those very well. We love you. We've been looking at puppies online recently. Puppies make the world a happier place!

I am Matilda said...

First you have to check your weight and BMI. and keep the measured figure. Wii Fit has a lot of training activities that work on muscle conditioning, aerobic exercise, yoga poses and body balance,such as ski jumps, hula-hoop twists and snowboarding, depending on the exercise. If you work out everyday, it will be good for exercise. Are you looking for puppies? Yeah dogs make everyone happy! Love you, Mandy!