I came to SHIBAKICHI Cafe! The beef curry is so yummy. Oh I havent eaten it yet. Anyway it was busy here. I saw some poodles, chihuahuas, shibas and a bull. The bull was roaring a lot. Be nice to everyone!


Mandy said...

Hello Matilda! Brandon and I ate Japanese curry last night. It was delicious, but we miss eating Japanese curry in Japan. That cafe looks lovely. I hope that we will be able to come for a visit and eat a lot of curry - especially soup curry. The cats are well - Clarence is very large, but not fat like Kuma. George is smaller and very shy. He hides all the time. We love you and will never ever forget you!!!! How is your itchy skin?

I am Matilda said...

Hey Mandy! Come visit me. I will take you to the dog cafes. My skin is fine. After shaving, I fell sick with a cold. and my skin was dry. Now I have a good humidifier. I am really fine!
Say hello to big Clarence and little George!