Actually, my hair was shaved off :<
Can you believe? We went to the grooming parlor. Kishi asked them to cut my hair short. The clerk said "Are you sure?". She answered Sure! It is too much! I noticed that Minos eyes were watery when he saw my face.


Mandy said...

Of course I still love you. Your hair is a little short for the winter season. I guess you will have to wear your coat all the time so you don't freeze. You still look very cute, though. Your eyes seem a little sad, but you should not worry - hair grows back very fast. I love you very much. Take more pictures and keep up with your blog. It makes me very happy!!!

I am Matilda said...

Thank you, Mandy! I have new clothes. I know its a little bit expensive. over 10,000yen.
Your comments always make me happy too. Happy New Year!