Body Weight

I went to the doctor to check up on my skin and get new shampoo. and measured my weight! It was 6.1 kilogram! not fat! Don't call me Chubby Doggy any more!
This is a record of my weight.
Sep. 30th: 5.8 kg
Oct. 27th: 6.3 kg
Dec. 1st: 6.1 kg
The doctor said that it was fine, but 5.5kg might be better... a little bit chubby. :p

# Consadole Sapporo has been promoted to J1! CONGRATS!


Mandy said...

Hey, It looks like you are watching your weight! That's good. 5.5 kilos will be harder to attain. Good luck! Keep taking walks and read my comment on the cake picture. There is a message for Kishiko on that one. We love you and think of you everyday. How is your skin?
Mandy & Brandon

I am Matilda said...

Hey Mandy! Your comments always make me happy! always wag! wag!
My skin is fine! sometimes itchy but not so bad. See, I go for a walk everyday!
Oh, Kishi seems to want to go to your place and thinking of the plan. I will ask her to email you!