Secret Cakes

Kishi's favorite the Fruitscake Factory's cakes! Strawberry Tartlet and Pear Tartlet. She gave me a little, because it was her secret birthday! yummy yummy!
What else? nothing special. We were spending our time calmly as usual.


Mandy said...

Yummy!!! I miss fruitscake factory. Friday is my birthday. I wish I could have a delicious cake. I hope you are enjoying the snow. You look like you are having fun and you look super happy. We love you very much. Enjoy the beautiful Sapporo winter!!! Love Mandy & Brandon!

I am Matilda said...

Happy Birthday dear Mandy---!
Haaaaapy Birrrthday to youuuuu!
Which kind of fruitscake do you like? Kishi likes berries tart.
There must be a lot of nice cake shops in NY! yummy yummy!

Mandy said...

There are a lot of cake shops in New York, but since I don't go to kickboxercise with Kishiko anymore I try not to eat any. My favorite fruitscake was the one with mixed fruit! Thanks for wishing me a happy birthday! We love you and Kishiko and Minoru! Note to Kishiko: hurry up and come and visit us in NYC!!!! We miss you!