Home Cooking

Grandpa made dinner for me with rice, fish, tomato and broccoli. I like it! But his dinner looked more yummy.
By the way, did I put on a bit of weight?


Mandy said...

Yes, it does look like you have put on a bit of weight. I think that maybe your mommy Kishiko, daddy Minoru, and grandpa spoil you a little bit and give you people food. You better tell them that you will be healthier if you eat doggy food. I know that people food smells good and tastes good, but it is no good for puppies. But, they love you very uch and I am sure it is hard to look at those big, pretty Matilda eyes and not give you a special treat now and then. We miss you and love you lot. Give Kishiko a big hug for us!

I am Matilda said...

Mandy! I think I am human. But don't worry I jog with Mino every morning and then I will be on diet.
I'm always waiting for you! Where are you?