Hyper Bros.

Do we look like three brothers? They are too hyper! I saw they begging their dad to buy a house and have a dog!


Mandy said...

Oh Matilda,
You have such a fun life! If Brandon and I move to a new apartment, maybe we will get to have a cat. I will let you know what happens. It looks like you are still having a wonderful time with Kishiko and Minoru. They take you to a lot of fun places. I hope we an some and visit you one of these days! We still love you tons and tons. Tell Kishiko and Minoru we miss them and that we wish we could come over and play Wii.
Love, Mandy

I am Matilda said...

A Cat!? Ohhh dont forget your dog, even if you have a cat.
Oh you know? they always spend with me downstairs.
and often sleep with me downstairs.
so when you visit me, you can use all of upstairs.
Then I ll visit upstairs! :)
I wanna visit you in NY, too!