I met a wire-haired dachshund for the first time in the park. He is a pretty boy, but seems to be scared of me. But this black poodle gave me a kiss. Such a hound dog!


Mandy said...

I guess it's time to give you some advice about boys. You be careful of the ones that just try to kiss you right off the bat - they are looking for one thing and one thing only. Also, the strong silent type, might be handsome and mysterious, but they are not good communicators and you might end up fighting a lot. Look for a boy who is sweet and gives you a lot of compliments and likes to spend quality time with you. We love you and think of you everyday. Have fun and don't forget about us way over here in NYC! Love, Mandy

I am Matilda said...

I like boys who kiss me on my nose. what is "one thing"? wag! wag! I love you, mommy Mandy!