I love these pretty pink flowers, "Colchicums". We sometimes call them "Autumn Crocus". They have only green leaves in Spring and Summer, and then in fall they bloom without any leaves. We have a lot of these flowers now, in my garden and here in my grandmas garden, too. They make me happy!


Mango the Maltese kiddo said...

Oh, beautiful flower, it brighten up my Sunday.

Lorenza said...

Hi, Matilda!
Those are beautiful flowers.
But your are more beautiful than them!
I hope you had a great weekend
Kisses and hugs

Andra said...

Matilda, you always have the prettiest surroundings to get your picture taken in!! (Plus any picture with you in it is pretty!)
-Luke and Liesel

mini said...

Beautiful flowers.

Thor said...

Hi Matilda!
What a lovely picture of you with those pretty flowers!

Love and licks

Mandy said...

Those flowers bring out the highlights in your beautiful hair. I love you and miss you. I am going to get a new puppy soon. She will be a minitaure schnauzer. I will send you a picture of her. She will be born in November, so I should bring her home maybe by February. She will be your sister. Won't she be cute? She could never replace you, though.

Matilda said...

Hi Mango,
I am happy you say so.

Hi Lorenza,
Thank you! I know you are beautiful too :)

Hi Luke and Liesel,
I like being surrounded by flowers. They make me happy.

Hi Mini,
Yeah they are. I like flowers!

Hi Thor,
It is spring in your place now. Flowers must be blooming, right?

Matilda said...

Hi Mandy!
A new puppy!? She hasnt been born yet!? Schnauzers have beards like me. She must be cute. I wanna see the babys face. But dont forget me! I always miss you a lot! licks licks

Alli said...

You have such pretty gardens!

Matilda said...

Hi alli!
Thank you. It is a small garden, but pretty! :> wags wags

CLU said...

Thank you for the botany lesson. ^_^. Your colchicum are beautiful. My mom hasn't done any gardening this year. :(

Matilda said...

Hi Sonny!
I wanted to be a botanist. :) I like gardening with my dad. wags wags

Mango the Maltese kiddo said...

Please come to my blog to pick up your award, choose your favorite one, it's my pleasure to pass it onto you.