Hina Matsuri

The "Hina-matsuri" or Doll Festival is a traditional event on March 3rd to celebrate the growth of young girls.We display small "Hina" dolls and have special sweets. We celebrated today for me with grandpa and grandma.


Mandy said...

We have our dolls on display, too. But, since we are not Japanese we have them displayed all the time - maybe that is bad. Those sweets look pretty tasty. I think you will grow up big and strong because you have a family that loves you very much!

I am Matilda said...

Oh you also display hina dolls. There is a myth that unless the dolls are put away as soon as the festival on March 3 is over, the daughters will get married late in life. Some people still believe, but some people dont. I dont believe. Anyway I will be big and strong! Have a nice Dolls Festival, Mandy!